stop losing thousands of dollars on front line ready used cars right now!

Trade it instead & get a fresh CLEAN TRADE car the same day. Simple... Easy... Cheaper...

About Us

Aged Inventory Vs. Fresh

Bottom line... We all have lost thousands of dollars getting off aged inventory and then complained about the high cost of replacing them with fresh inventory.  It never ends and it costs an average of $1,400.00 per unit.

What We Do...

CLEAN TRADE DEALER SERVICES provides a venue where you can bring your aged unit and trade it fairly with other dealers in the same position. Drive it back to the store that day and finish your transaction direct dealer to dealer.

Whats in it for us...

No buyers fees, transportation, detailing, run fees, or hourly swap driver costs.  $100.00 and that's it!  You are at the venue and can choose to trade with everyone else there for the same reason...  Fresh, clean, new inventory.

when is the next clean trade venue?

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